Dish N Playboy

NS Silver Cotorra X Dish N Diamonds

Bay Colt   4/2/2018

Snapped On Spots

Docs Alota Pepto  X  Snap My Fingers​

Sorrel Tobiano Colt   2/22/2018

Alota Sweet Spots

Docs Alota Pepto  X  Sweet Like Shorty

Sorrel Colt   3/8/2018

Wooden Lynx

NS Silver Cotorra X Little Bit Stinger

Sorrel/Grey Colt   3/22/2018

Badger Black Sox

NS Silver Cotorra X Badgers Jazzy Sox

Bay Colt



NS Silver Cotorra X Fancy Little Stinger

Sorrel Filly   ​4/25/2018

Jazzy Personality

Personality Stings X Docs Jazzy Gay Sox

Bay Colt


Like A Painted Sting

Personality Stings X Like A Diamond Too

Sandy Bay Overo Colt


Sweet Little Duck

Docs Alota Pepto  X  Roosters Blue Duck

Bay Roan Filly   2/23/2018

What a big change shedding out

their baby coat makes!

Ruby Red Rooster

Taris Prescription  X  Rubys Cieco

Sorrel Tobiano Filly   3/21/2018

Little Red Emberfrost

Chulas Bully X Short Little Fancy

Chestnut Filly  2/8/2018

Stingin Alota Pepto

Docs Alota Pepto X Stingin Lady Badger

Red Roan Colt​



Sweet Lil Doc

Docs Alota Pepto X Jazabell Bow

Bay Roan Colt


Below are the 13 Paint and Quarter horses from our 2018 foal crop.

Check out our 9 colts and 4 fillies below!