Whiskey Canyon

Fancy Cut Diamond
​​2005 APHA Black Overo
Little Fancy Badger X Stingin Diamond

​ACHA- $5,631.67
NCHA- $3,849.13

APHA World Champion Producer

Jazabell Bow
​2008 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare
Taris Prescription X Jazabel Sweetheart

​ACHA- $254.72
NCHA- $2,296.01 

Sweet Like Shorty
2002 AQHA Bay
Shorty Lena X Quixotes R Sugar

​NCHA- $11,047.25

Impress The Parson

​2001 APHA Bay Overo Gelding

​Parsons Red Alert X Elegant Impression

Points in

Novice Youth Barrels

Amateur Halter

Amateur Performance Halter

Grand Champion Halter

Reserve Grand Champion Halter

ROM in

Youth Barrels

Nov Youth/Youth Pole Bending

Youth Stakes Race

Open Halter

Overo Color

Superior in

Amateur/Open Barrels

Amateur/Open Pole Bending

Amateur/Open Stakes Race

​World Champion

Novice Youth Pole Bending

Novice Youth Stakes Race

Amateur Pole Bending 

Open Stakes Race

Reserve World Champion

Amateur Pole Bending

Open Stakes Race

Total Points: 607.5


Awards and Accomplishments

Stingin Diamond

1997 APHA Bay Overo Mare

LPLS Stinger X  Especial Poco Ten

​Superior APHA Cutting

NCHA- $7,698.52

ACHA - $7,055.19

ACHA World Champion 2004

Photos Courtesy

Forrest Photography

Holman Photography

Shortys Playmate

1993 AQHA Bay Mare

Shorty Lena X Playboys Royal Sue

NCHA- $1,153.17

ACHA- $2,131.03

Photo courtesy

Forrest Photography(left)

(right unknown)

LPLS Stinger

1987 APHA Overo Stallion

​Little Peppy Lynx X Diamond Sting

​ROM APHA Cutting

NCHA- $51,878.93

ACHA- $2,028.12

Fancy Cut Silver

2014 APHA Gray Solid Gelding

NS Silver Cotorra X Fancy Cut Diamond

Huge congratulations to Makayla and 'Badger' on their World, Reserve, and Top 5 at the 202`1 APHA World Championship show!

Here are the horses that have since retired, passed away, or been sold. These horses were either born at the ranch or have progeny who still reside in our program. As these lines stretch across three generations of our family, the record or pictures for some horses may not be complete.

Rubys Cieco
​1998 AQHA Chestnut Mare
​Gallo Del Cielo X Haida Ruby

ACHA- $6,713.91
NCHA- $4,116.00

Photo courtesy
Midge Ames Photography

Miss Tari Olena

1999 Bay Tobiano Mare

Tari Olena X Jazabel Sweetheart

ACHA- $14,719.53

NCHA- $3,972.13

Snap My Fingers
​​2007 APHA Buckskin Tobiano

​Taris Prescription X Snappy Stinger

APHA Points in
Nov Am Limited Working Cow
Am Reining

APHA ROM/Superiors in
Open/Am Barrels
Open/Am Pole Bending
Open/Am Stakes Race

Total Points: 385.5

Little Bit Stinger
1997 APHA Black Overo Mare
LPLS Stinger X Little Bit O Teal

NCHA- $247.14
APHA ROM- Cutting
​#8 APHA JR Honor Roll 2000

Photo courtesy

Forrest Photography

Prescription Sting

1996 APHA Bay Overo Gelding

LPLS Stinger X Ladys Prescription

Points in APHA Open Cutting

NCHA- $1,051.17

Photo courtesy

Forrest Photography

Lethal Sting

​1996 APHA Bay Tovero Mare

LPLS Stinger X Sweet Windy Bars

​ROM APHA Reining

Windy Scribbles

1995 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

Scribbles Glitz X Sweet Windy Bars

​APHA Points in 4 events

APHA ROM in 4 Events